Who is the on-site maintenance contact?

The current contact for most issues in the community for maintenance is:

Brian McLane – Lot 113

email: maintenance@altigua.com

phone: 011 506 2416-4044

cell: 011 506 8725-7803

Front Gates, how do they work?

The front gates are preprogrammed to open with the remote and then close after a certain amount of time.

Please DO NOT press the remote again and just let the gates close. If you press the remote again it goes into manual mode and you will have the press the remote again to close the gate.

What about the water system?

Fortunately the developers went above and beyond and installed a North American quality water system with a main pipe size of 1.5 inches as opposed to the normal Costa Rican standard from AYA ( the local municipal are authority) which is .75 inches. This provides an approximate flow rate of over 4800 gallons per hour at normal pressures. The pressures in the system which is split up into zones is 45 to 60 PSI. Due to hydrostatic pressure there are a number of pressure regulators along the main line.

Although the water system is owned by AYA, the community association has traditionally done repairs and maintenance to the system under the instruction and authorization of AYA. This is done as the association is much more critical in the repair being up to our standards which AYA would not perform.

You are responsible for your water system up to the meter. Past that point it is owned and operated by AYA. Should you have issues with water supply or pressure you should contact AdA maintenance. For issues on your side of the meter including the meter itself you should call AYA. This includes yearly maintenance of your filter that is on or near the meter.

Please DO NOT touch any part of the system or attempt to change the regulator pressures as it can cause severe issues with other parts of the system.


You should also be aware that you should contact AYA and have your water filters cleaned at least twice per year. The water filter sits at the meter and is your responsibility. A number of reported problems with low flow rates turned out to be clogged filters.

Who do I contact for electrical issues?

The entire electrical system is owned and operated by ICE and they are responsible for everything up to the electrical meter.

Street light issues should be reported to ICE and maintenance should be made aware of the issue. AdA Maintenance can assist in contacting ICE but is not responsible for the communication.

What roads are what?

There are two types of roads here at AdA. The main highly travelled roads are paved and are maintained by the association. The less travelled or minor roads are gravel and also are maintained by AdA. There are specific reasons for having gravel roads for the less travelled areas. Paved or concrete roads in the high humidity and high rainfall conditions in this part of Costa Rica causes very slippery conditions and would be far worse than gravel. Gravel that is not travelled on that much can also cause maintenance and travel issues as the water will erode  the road. The association endeavours to maintain the roads as best as possible while minimizing the maintenance charges to the community.


It has been brought to our attention that users should use 4 wheel drive when travelling the gravel roads. This also helps minimize the impact of vehicles on the roads and minimizes the spinning wheels which degrade the roads.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the roads please contact maintenance@altigua.com

Who controls the gates?

The front gates are maintained by AdA and any issues should be directed to maintenance@altigua.com.

Lots that are in good standing will have gate opener fobs available to them.

For security reasons we change the gate codes each month and new codes will be issued to members by email.

How about my garbage and recyclables?

Where is the closest place to buy milk and basics?

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