The roads at AdA are the highest standard in Costa Rica and are maintained by AdA. A combination of asphalt and gravel are used for high travel and low travel areas respectively.

Water System

The water system is owned and maintained by AYA. You are responsible for your own system up to the water meter. AdA maintenance usually does minor repairs and adjustments ONLY with authorization from AYA. Please contact AYA for water issues on tour side of the water meter and AdA maintenance for issue on the other (public) side of the meter.

The original developer installed a main pipe that is twice the diameter as what AYA would have installed and the water supply is second to none in Costa Rica. This is also one of the reasons that AdA tends to do water repairs under supervision of AYA.

Electrical System

The entire electrical system up to your electric meter is the property and is maintained by ICE. This includes street lights. You should contact ICE for any electrical issues. You can also AdA maintenance aware of issues as we can lend our voice to be heard at ICE.


The front gates are the property and are maintained by AdA. Please contact us for issues.